Is there a miracle cure to lose weight fast?

Losing excess pounds sometimes seems impossible and difficult to sustain. The demand for a miracle cure to lose weight quickly is therefore a common one. For example, many alleged 'miracle cures' can be ordered on the internet, from slimming pills to a gastric balloon. The question that then naturally arises is: do these products really work, are they healthy, and do they also give results in the long term. In this blog we go deeper into the use of alleged miracle cures and how you can do it quickly weight loss.

Miracle or myth?

Various miracle cures are promoted on the internet, such as drinking lemon water every morning and the bread diet, where you eat only brown bread every other day. The alleged miraculous properties of lemon water are said to be that it know drifts and thus aids in weight loss. However, this is a myth, because the substance that causes this, pectin, hardly enters the body when drunk. Despite doing little for immediate weight loss, a glass of lemon juice in the morning is a healthy habit. The bread diet also sounds nicer than it is, since you may lose some pounds initially, but they will come back just as easily if you fall back into your old habits. Moreover, with such a monotonous diet, there is a good chance that you will develop nutritional deficiencies, causing your health to deteriorate.

Lifestyle as a panacea

If we put everything together, it turns out that there is really only one real miracle cure for losing weight quickly, and that is your own lifestyle. The vast majority of cases that suffer from too much weight or too much (belly) fat are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. In addition, alleged miracle cures only address one symptom of unhealthy living, namely obesity. As a result, in the long run you will return to a higher weight than your target weight during weight loss, if you fall back into old habits. Despite the fact that you have to put in a little more effort for this miracle drug, it helps enormously if you have set clear goals for yourself, so that you can always muster the discipline and motivation to continue with it. There are also a number of small adjustments that provide clear results. Below we discuss a few.

More protein, less carbohydrates

Especially in the morning at breakfast it helps enormously by breakfast with proteins and no carbohydrates such as bread and muesli. Proteins make you feel full for longer, so you're less hungry again. Carbohydrates are used up quickly, so you don't feel full for as long and reach for a snack more quickly. Replacing carbohydrates with proteins makes it easier to keep up during the day, without having to eat something in between snacking.

Drink plenty of water, especially before meals

If you drink half a liter of water about an hour before a meal, you will feel more satisfied while eating, which allows you to take smaller portions. In addition, research shows that you burn up to 30% more calories if you drink half a liter of water an hour before eating. In addition, many people confuse a feeling of hunger with thirst. If you think you are hungry, first drink a good glass of water or tea and wait ten minutes. If your hunger has disappeared, then it was indeed the thirst that caused the feeling.


A healthy lifestyle with which you achieve and maintain a healthy weight is of course not complete without sufficient daily exercise. Get more exercise into your days by adding habits like walking and cycling to your rhythm. For example, go to work by bike, or if that is not possible, get off a number of bus stops earlier and walk the rest of the way. It also helps to schedule a fixed moment every day where you do some physical exercises for 10 minutes. This is how you ensure a good health which you can also enjoy in the long term.

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