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Cardio is an endurance sport where you mainly train your endurance. With this form of sport you ensure that your body burns a lot of energy at the time of training. This is because you are working intensively for a longer period of time. Examples of this cardio training are running, cycling, but also team sports such as hockey and football.

There is no such thing as the "best" cardio exercise. Every individual is unique in what he or she wants to achieve with his or her workout. That said, you can first see which goals you can have with cardio training.

One of the better known devices. Is a favorite when it comes to pumping up the heart rate. Meets multiple options to control all aspects of the workout, such as speed, duration, incline and even specific goals. It is one of the best ways to burn calories and lose weight.

Cross trainer
People like to use the crosstrainer because it puts less strain on the joints than running. For someone who is overweight, getting started on an elliptical is a great way to burn fat and have the same physical exertion effect as running

The elliptical exerciser allows a variety of muscles to do the work compared to the treadmill. Your quadriceps are used to a great extent and it maximizes your calorie burn due to a long stride length. This provides a complete workout for muscles in the upper and lower body, such as shoulders, biceps, chest, etc.

Stair Climbing
Climbing stairs may not be the favorite activity, but it is known to be extremely effective at building cardio strength. It is also a way to burn calories, strengthen large muscle groups and lose weight. Compared to using the treadmill or elliptical trainer, climbing stairs causes your heart rate to rise significantly. This is because the largest muscle groups of the body are used to repeatedly lift the entire body weight.

Today there are many advanced forms of training, but cardio training is the most basic. Without stamina and fitness, all these other exercises will prove ineffective. In short, think of your goals and go for your results!

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