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CBD foot cream: Give your loyal feet the care they deserve

Because our feet have to endure a lot, foot care is very important. When you don't go to the pedicure You can get complaints such as pain in the feet, calluses, torn nails and painful fissures. No less than 20% of the Dutch are faced with foot complaints every year, with women having four times as many foot problems than men. This is mainly due to wearing (too high) heels. Regular foot care helps to prevent any complaints. But what can you do about foot care yourself?

When you're busy, your feet suffer the most. Don't let tired and exhausted feet be a spoilsport for a good life. CBD foot cream contains a specially formulated blend of CBD and natural ingredients that soothe, hydrate and refresh your tired feet. Give your feet the care they deserve with the beneficial effects of cannabidiol.

CBD works with aloe vera to hydrate and cool tired skin. Vitamin E synergizes with camphor to protect the delicate harmony of your feet. Farnesol eliminates harmful bacteria for a calming scent. Finally, calendula completes the delicate mix. This ingredient provides healing power to tired muscles and cracked heels.

Taken together, the sophisticated blend of CBD and natural ingredients gives the skin, from ankle to toe, a luxurious “walking on the clouds” feeling. No matter what you have planned, CBD foot cream is ready to soften and rejuvenate your feet. A day in your shoes has never felt so invigorating.

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