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The top 10 benefits of CBD and SPORT

CBD is hot! The popularity of CBD has created a wave of innovation in nutritional supplements and all kinds of other products that contain CBD.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston swear by it and use it for pain, anxiety, stress and beautiful skin!

What is CBD

CBD comes from fiber hemp. This is a legal form of hemp that can be grown normally. This is because the THC content of this plant/product is minimal. So you will not get high from CBD oil.

Health and CBD

CBD has many medical applications. Because CBD does not contain THC, CBD also does not have the adverse effects of being stoned, high, etc. This makes the possible application much larger than medical cannabis. CBD can be used by everyone legally being used.

The different forms to use CBD.

CBD can be used in different ways. In the past there were only CBD Oils† Today, CBD is added to many different products. Think of various CBD Supplements such as; Whey protein, Pre Work Out, Multi Vitamins and CBD Cosmetics such as for example; Heating Balm, Day Cream, Anti Aging Cream and much more.

Acceptance of CBD in elite sport

2018 was the year that CBD made a big breakthrough in the sports world. The WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) could no longer ignore the positive studies of CBD. CBD was removed from the banned substances for professional athletes, including for the International Athletics Federation.

The benefits of CBD in the world of sports

  1. Immune system: CBD strengthens the immune system by acting on the cannabidoid receptors that one has in one's body.
  1. Promotes Recovery: CBD contributes to muscle recovery through its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. The benefits of sleep also contribute to an accelerated recovery process. Bee CBD+SPORT we bring CBD together with Whey Protein to achieve the ultimate muscle recovery through the combination of natural whey proteins and the power of CBD. Use the Whey Protein shake with CBD.
  1. Stress and Anxiety lowering: Stress and anxiety are common in top sport. Through intense training, exercises, obligations and big competitions. CBD helps the body to suppress anxiety and stress. CBD does this by limiting stress reactions, by producing the right amount of anti-stress and anxiety hormones.
  1. Relieving Pain: Muscle pain and inflammation are common in the world of sports. People train hard and put their body to the test. CBD can make a positive contribution to this by reducing muscle cramps, pain and inflammation. CBD+SPORT has nice products for this like the heating balm and the Whey Protein CBD.
  1. Helps sleep and relax better: Sleep is very important for the recovery of your body, everyone knows this. Certainly within the mocking world, sleep is of great importance if one wants to perform. What if you could improve your sleep? It is claimed that CBD calms your body because the CBD influences your bodily receptors. CBD promotes your REM sleep and therefore ensures that you recover better during your sleep and therefore wake up rested and energetic. CBD+SPORT has a nice line for this from Full Spectrum CBD Oils.
  1. Anti-inflammatory: This is one of the best-known benefits of CBD. Inflammation is a natural response of the body to intense exercise, injury, etc. These inflammations can be disastrous for athletes and a lot of time is spent on preventing them. CBD can help you with that! By ingesting CBD, in whatever way, the CBD contributes to inhibiting and preventing inflammation in your body. CBD+SPORT products like the: Whey Protein, Pre-Workout en Multi vitamin, contribute to this!
  1. Less appetite and weight control: The use of CBD can reduce the feeling of hunger. CBD 'fills', making CBD supplements a good, healthy and natural addition to your diet. CBD+SPORT recommends the Full spectrum CBD oils .
  1. Increase stamina and fitness: CBD activates the endocannabinoid system in the human body. This contributes to the overall condition of your body. This is accompanied by a better night's sleep. You get this CBD by, for example, using the CBD+SPORT Whey Protein CBD shake, de Pre-Workout or the Multi-Capsules.
  1. Promotes muscle building: Muscles grow through a good recovery process. In terms of muscle building, CBD supplements are therefore particularly beneficial for athletes who focus on strength and muscle gain. Thanks to an improved recovery process and the prevention of inflammation and pain, athletes can build and use their bodies faster! The perfect products for this are the Whey Protein CBD shakes, the Multi Caps en Pre-Workout. But also the CBD Heating Balm en CBD oils make a significant contribution to this.
  1. Cosmetics X CBD X Sports: Where are the CBD cosmetics in this story? Because CBD is so versatile, it can be incorporated into anything to ensure the beneficial effects it can have on humans. Everyone wants to administer her or her CBD in a different way and offers here CBD+SPORT different options for. Whereby CBD is good for your muscle gain, inflammation and pain. Does CBD also have a very beneficial effect on the skin! CBD has strong nourishing and moisturizing properties. That's why it's perfect to use this in products like the night cream,Dagcreme, Anti-Aging cream, Nose spray, etc. This is how CBD+SPORT ensures that CBD can be used in many ways for everyone's daily activities.

CBD+SPORT his goal is to bring the world of CBD together with the world of sports supplements and related products. CBD has huge benefits in this regard and can help any athlete, regardless of their pursuits.


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