We as CBD and Sport also have a few athletes† In this blog I am going to tell you more about one of these athletes. Who are they? Wat are they doing? And how can you know them from? You will find out all that. In this blog it is Robin Strong.

Who is Robin?

Robin Sterk, who is that? Robin can better explain that himself:

My name is Robin Sterk, I am 25 years old and I come from the beautiful Arkel. I am human physique competition athlete and fitness influencer. With my 6 years of sport experience in the fitness world and mental vision on certain goals, I inspire people on my Instagram every day.

Robin is currently on 83 thousand Instagram followers.

You may also know Robin from Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch Season 6. He got in there as Lynn's ex.

Athlete of CBD and Sport

Robin has been an athlete of CBD and Sport for a while. But what exactly does all this mean? Robin has received his own discount code for his followers. This allows people who use his code to purchase their CBD and Sport supplements for even less. Robin also regularly takes photos for CBD and Sport. When Robin is going to take pictures, he goes with a photographer to beautiful locations to take the best pictures.

What does CBD and Sport benefit Robin?

Besides the fact that Robin can get more exposure from CBD and Sport, he also has other benefits from CBD and Sport. This way he gets beautiful photos on his Instagram feed, but also a nice team to work with.

We as CBD and Sport are very happy to have Robin on our team. Robin always delivers beautiful photos of good quality.

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