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Does CBD oil help with weight loss?

CBD helps with weight loss, but how does this work? We will tell you more about this in this blog.

A healthy weight starts with a healthy lifestyle. Many people who are overweight owe this to an unhealthy lifestyle. Factors of a poor lifestyle can include unhealthy eating too often, an unstructured diet, little exercise, poor sleep or stress.

How do you take CBD oil when you want to lose weight?

  • Take before your breakfast CBD oil, then it is optimally absorbed by your body.
  • Take another dose of CBD oil before your afternoon snack.
  • Take another dose of CBD oil in the evening, not immediately before going to sleep because this can make it difficult for you to fall asleep. This is not the intention because good sleep is important if you want to lose weight.

What does CBD oil do to your body?

Ghrelin is a hormone that stimulates appetite. This hormone is secreted by the stomach wall and sends a signal to the brain, causing a feeling of hunger. In a scientific study (M. WIERUCKA-RYBAK, 2014) it has been found that CBD can suppress the urge to eat, which causes the ghrelin receptor. CBD oil can therefore reduce appetite, which is a good point for weight loss. The oil does take some time to work, but after a few weeks you will notice that your urge to eat decreases.

The combination of healthy food, sufficient exercise and taking CBD oil can ensure that you lose the excess pounds. Thanks to the intake of CBD oil, you automatically get less appetite, so that starving yourself is no longer necessary.

Which CBD oil is right for you?

The oil that is suitable differs per person, this depends on how much overweight someone is. The more overweight, the higher percentage of CBD oil is suitable. For overweight children, 2,5% is sufficient.

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