How do you reduce injuries?

The biggest enemy of every sports fanatic; a sports injury† But how do you ensure that you get less injured?

To prevent a serious sports injury, it is important to start exercising well prepared. Because as they say; good preparation is half the battle. So before you start exercising, give your body a good inspection, and find out for yourself in which muscles you have suffered the most with previous sports. You should pay extra attention to this during the warm-up and make sure that you are extra careful with this during exercise.

Before you start, make a training schedule, it's important to stick to it and that you don't want to squeeze too much out of yourself from the start, build up slowly is important. Regularity is important, adequate rest is even more important. So try to maintain a fixed rhythm during the week, do not exercise every day but really take your rest days. Combine this smartly with your work at work, if you know that you have to make a lot of physical effort, take enough rest and do not also overload your muscles during exercise.

As mentioned before, a good warm-up is an essential factor for a successful training session. Starting a workout without a warm-up is asking for trouble. It is important that the warm-up matches the sport that will be practiced. For example, it is more important to warm up your legs properly if you are going to practice a cycling sport, and you pay more attention to warming up your upper body if you are going to play a round of golf. A warm-up is also necessary to focus your mind and let your heart gradually get used to a faster pace. Cooling down after exercise is also important. This removes the accumulated energy from your system during exercise. Try to sit on the couch immediately after exercising and watch a documentary or film focused, that will be a difficult task. It is also extremely important for your muscles, because of this your body allows oxygen and nutrients to flow into your muscles in a normal way.

What is also good against injuries is to step into the sauna after a workout. This ensures a good muscle recovery since the heat is good for your muscles and you therefore also sit or lie still. Your body also emits waste by sweating. There are all kinds of advantages and unfortunately also disadvantages to this, so it is recommended to build this up slowly and to 'listen' to your body carefully. For example, if you are in the sauna for the first time, do not immediately go for the full 20 minutes, but build this up slowly.

What you can do outside of sports to take good care of your body is take enough rest. This gives your muscles time to recover and create new energy. This mainly happens during the to sleep, so you really stick to that 8 hours of sleep a day.

In addition, a good diet is also important, try to pay attention to your diet and you will immediately notice results. Protein is a very good ingredient that you should pay attention to if it is in it. Proteins ensure muscle recovery and also for the growth of your muscles. Foods that contain a lot of protein are often animal or vegetable: chicken, meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese or yogurt. But legumes also contain a lot of protein. Nowadays there are also protein shakes† These are not meal replacements but an addition to your meal. This is a popular product among top athletes and strength athletes, and it is also an excellent ingredient that helps with weight loss.

Of course this is not a guarantee against injuries, this is an advice. You can always fall off your bike and break your collarbone, unfortunately there is not much to prepare for.

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