How much CBD should I take?

A reliable brand

The first important choice you will need to consider is the confidential producer of which you take the CBD. You pay attention to the amount of CBD and that the concentration corresponds to what is in the bottle. The manufacture of CBD products is not an easy process. You must be able to rely on this -oils, capsules and -supplements be free from unwanted additives and chemicals.

At CBD + Sports we put all our products to strict tests where they are only released on the market with a positive result. We publish the results online and are available to everyone. Here you will also find the exact concentration of CBD.

Length and weight

The easiest way to explain the influence of height and weight on the dose of CBD is: the heavier you are, the more you have to take to feel the effect.

CBD works by communicating with a network of cell nuclei, the so-called endocannabinoid system. This network is from head to toe. In order to communicate, the connection must first travel through your body. It turns out that the factors of CBD influence in the case of height and weight. In general, you need a higher concentration or dose if you are taller or heavier.

Which CBD strength is best for you?

When we talk about the strength or concentration of CBD, we mean how many milligrams of CBD a particular product contains. Let's get our 500mg CBD oil (10ml) as an example. This one contains 2,5mg CBD per drop, while our 1000mg oil contains 5mg per drop. The potency increases as the amount of CBD in milligrams increases.

Assuming an average daily dose of 3-4 drops, 3 times a day, that equates to approximately 30mg CBD (based on our 500mg CBD oil). To give you an idea of ​​the limits: 160mg is considered the maximum daily amount.

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