How long does a pre-workout last?

How long does a pre-workout last?

Pre-workouts are sports supplements that are aimed at helping you get the most out of a workout, improving performance and achieving other athletic goals. As the name suggests, a pre-workout is taken before physical training. The energy-yielding effects give you an extra boost to continue exercising even harder and longer, so that you can push your limits every time. Such an energy boost is of course not permanent, so how long does it take for you to experience the energizing effects of pre-workout before it wears off?

When do you use pre-workout?

Today, the range of pre-workout supplements is very high, which means that there is a lot to choose from. However, most pre-workouts contain a list of shared ingredients that all have a positive effect on the energy balance in the body. One of the main ingredients in almost all pre-workout supplements is caffeine. This is a substance that takes about half an hour to an hour to fully work. That is why it is best to take a scoop (dose) of the pre-workout half an hour to an hour before you start your training.


After caffeine has been absorbed into the bloodstream by the body, it halves in concentration after about 5 hours, so it can take a long time for it to fully work out. The real energy boost that caffeine gives is much less noticeable, and even though there is still caffeine in the body, you don't feel it anymore. In addition to the fact that the concentrations have become so low, the body also gets used to it. Nevertheless, it is useful to be aware of the properties of caffeine, especially if you mainly exercise in the evening, and therefore also take the pre-workout in the evening. People who are sensitive to caffeine may find it more difficult to fall asleep as a result.


In addition to caffeine, a pre-workout supplement contains other active ingredients. Beta-alanine is an amino acid that is included as another main component in the composition of pre-workouts. This amino acid, together with histidine, forms the substance 'carnosine', so that you get tired much less quickly during exercise. Beta-alanine also provides the well-known tingling of the pre-workout. Although this amino acid is an important ingredient with an equally important effect, it is mainly the amount of caffeine that determines how long a pre-workout works.

Conclusion: How Long Does a Pre-Workout Work?

Depending on the person and the dosage, caffeine stays in the body for several hours. After about half an hour from ingestion, the caffeine level in the blood is highest. From about 60 minutes this level will decrease again, with a half-life of 5 hours. So the more you have taken, the longer it will work. However, this does not mean that you can take unlimited amounts of caffeine, which is even dangerous for your health. A scoop of pre-workout contains an average of 175mg of caffeine, which is a lot lower than the maximum recommended amount of 500mg per day. If you go over this amount of 500mg per day, the side effects can be severe. All in all, it is therefore certainly possible to still feel the effects of caffeine after 5 hours.

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