How do you create your own training schedule?

Nowadays life costs a lot more money, and working out in the gym is also one
hobby with a price tag. Despite that the use of a personal trainer certainly very
can be useful, it is also a relatively large expense. That's why it's to save money
It's not a bad idea to set up your own workout schedule. In this blog we will discuss some of them
issues related to drawing up a training schedule yourself. Also if you feel
If you still train aimlessly in the gym, the information in this blog can help you get more out of your
gym sessions.

What goals do you want to achieve?

Before you start drawing up a training schedule, it is useful to know what
your fitness goals are. Depending on your goals, you can draw up a schedule
that fits in with this, so that you can achieve these goals the fastest. Have the goals
often related to the physical development of your body. For example, do you want more
muscle definition, gain weight or lose weight? The training schedule for someone who
want to bulk therefore looks different than for someone who goes through a cutting
summerbody is growing. Of course, nutrition is also a very important component
in achieving physical goals. It can therefore certainly be useful to change your eating habits
analyze and possibly switch to a particular diet that your desired physical
support development.

How often and how long do you want to exercise?

Not everyone has the same amount of time or free evenings to go to the gym. Look
therefore look carefully at the available moments that you have during the week, and plan accordingly
times in a gym session. Plan too few rather than too many gym moments,
so that you don't lose your motivation because the schedule is too heavy. So you better get one
Exercise twice a week for a year, then five times a week for two months.
Of course you can always decide to exercise an extra time if you can handle it. Concern
make sure that your workout does not exceed 1 hour in total, so that you have enough time left
for the other important things in your busy life. If your training is only half an hour
lasts, that's totally fine too! Simply do what works best for you.

Which exercises in the training schedule?

Select exercises that are designed to help your physical goal
achieve. Go for simplicity, and choose simple exercises most of which you already know
knows. Do no more than 7 to 9 different exercises and do the same number for each one
sets and reps. You want to avoid having to think too much about which exercise
you have to do, and how often you have to repeat it, because this can be demotivating. Think
think about the materials you need, and adjust the order of your exercises accordingly,
so that you can work efficiently. Also consider whether you will benefit more from full body
exercises, or exercises that focus on isolation of muscle groups.

The use of pyramids

It's a good way to gradually increase the weight of the exercises you perform per set
make, using pyramids. For example, if you squat for 3 sets, you do the
first set 16 reps, the second set 12 reps and the last set 8 reps.
You gradually increase the weight per set, so that you use increasingly heavier weights
can train.

Warm up

Do not overdo the warm-up, but a short warm-up is certainly useful to prepare your muscles
prepare for physical exertion. In principle, 5 minutes is enough, so pull here too
ahead of time in your schedule. The cross trainer, rowing ergometer or indoor bike are for this
good equipment, but simple squats are also suitable. As long as you get your heart rate up
get it, you're good.

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