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Can you combine CBD oil and alcohol?

Whether you want relax after a long day or going out with company; a few drinks are a way for several people to relax. If you also CBD oil you may be curious about a possible interaction and how it will make you feel.

To understand the effect of CBD oil and alcohol, let's look at the two substances individually.

Despite the fact that it comes from a handful of yeast and sugars, alcohol has a strong narcotic effect. Because it has an effect on the central nervous system, it influences our mood, movement and speech. And as several people can confirm, the more you consume of this, the better more powerful these effects be!

CBD has a much more subtle influence. Its impact involves an interaction with the body's known endocannabinoid system (ECS). This complex and sophisticated regulatory network extends from head to toe and is responsible for balancing and controlling various biological systems. Separately, CBD has also been shown to interact with various molecular targets outside the ECS.

At first glance, you might expect that the balancing effect of CBD can limit the impact of alcohol. However, the reality is that we don't know exactly how the two affect each other, this is because each body is different.

What happens when you combine CBD oil and alcohol?

The relationship between CBD oil and alcohol needs to be further explored. However, there are a number of ongoing preclinical studies that we can take a look at. That's how it felt Journal of Psychopharmacology few differences between subjects who received CBD and alcohol and subjects who only received alcohol.

Based on these results, you might expect alcohol to affect you the same when you take it alongside CBD oil. However, there is not enough data to say whether cannabidiol can reduce the risk of negative side effects of alcohol consumption.

Are CBD Oil and Alcohol Safe?

Excess alcohol consumption affects almost all organs of the body. The harmful health effects have therefore been extensively studied. Of course, dozens of variables play a role, such as the type of drink and the alcohol percentage. Still, you may know all too well what an unhealthy amount of alcohol is in your case.

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