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Meet the athlete

In the blog series Meet the athlete you will find out who our athletes are. This time: Patrick van den Hoorn. In this blog you will learn a little more about Patrick. What he does, who he is and what his favorite products are. Let's take a look right now.

Who is Patrick?

Patrick is someone who is very involved in sports. And you can see that in his body, because Patrick does bodybuilding. In daily life Patrick is, in addition to sports, also spraying cars for his work. Patrick does this with great pleasure.


I am a professional bodybuilder at IFBB A level. I am currently preparing for my Benelux pro card. So that's not nothing. Patrick has also participated in several competitions. This is how he became 2021 . in 2e of the Benelux and even 1th in Isala in 2019. So you can say that Patrick is doing well in the field of bodybuilding.

Patrick's Favorite Products

Of course Patrick also has favorite products from our range. One of these products are the new zero sauces† You can also see this on his Instagram, where he packs our delicious sauces with different dishes every day.

The other products that Patrick likes to use are the Whey protein, Pre-Workout and the Creatine† And this one uses patrick with CBD in it. The CBD is very good for muscle recovery, so that's perfect for someone like Patrick who sports every day.

We as a team CBD and Sport are very happy with Patrick and are looking forward to seeing what the future will bring with Patrick in our team.

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