Keimpe Burner


Hi, I'm Keimpe Brander and I'm 23 years old. I live in Heeg, a small village in Friesland. I played football from the age of five until I was 21, but due to many injuries I made the choice to stop. Because of that choice, I started working out 2 years ago. I like to challenge myself with goal setting. Fitness is perfect for that for me.

After a year I found out that I like to share my passion with others, so I slowly started to create my own gym. I now provide personal training and I get a lot of satisfaction when a customer has achieved his/her goal.

The fact that I get satisfaction from being able to contribute to the development of people is not only due to fitness. I have been a football coach for 10 years and graduated from the ALO in 2020. So it can be concluded that I spend a lot of time in the sports industry.

I know better than anyone that rest is also important for the body. I mainly find my peace of mind in meeting friends and making it a pleasant afternoon/evening. But also by listening to music. Because remember, your body recovers best in your moments of rest.

Name: Keimpe Burner
Age: 23
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 85kg
Sports: Gym, training, soccer, coaching.
Instagram Keimpeb
Nationality: Dutch
Goals: Staying fit, Grow on Instagram as an influencer, Have my own gym.

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