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What is Pinene?

Pinene is a terpene that is very important and in general it is mainly found in cannabis sativa. Terpenes are aromatic elements found in many different plants and foods. Pineen ensures that insects do not just go on the plants and destroy them. This pinene is most common in trees and especially in the conifers. The pinene has a very strong smell that the insects cannot tolerate, so that it actually scares the insects a bit. In contrast, a pinene can also be isolated and used at a later stage for perfume or cleaning agents.

What odor does the pinene have?
Not every pinene has the same smell. You have the alpha-pinene and the beta-pinene. The alpha-pinene smells like pine trees and rosemary, while the beta-pinene smells like hops and basil. However, pinene is also found in conifers, oranges, dill and parsley.

Significantly many studies on pinene are still in the pre-clinical phase. In some studies, laboratory animals are also used. Results previously found from these studies from 2007 show that it is anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour.
Also, according to the Journal of Natural Products, the pinene is most potent at inhibiting inflammation.

In 2006 a piece was published from biosccience, biotechnology and biochemistry, where she extracted pinene from the needles of a spruce. Subsequently, they tested the cognitive performance of mice. And it has been found that the mice that were given the essential oil started to do much better. Their memory improved by 72,7 percent compared to the group that didn't get it. The mice that took part in the study suffered from amnesia, so it's basically like Alzheimer's.

How safe is pinene?
The research is still ongoing, but at present there is little evidence that pinene has any negative side effects. However, not everything is known about pinene and the research is still ongoing.

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