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Weight gainers

You have probably heard of the term weight gainer† They are also often referred to as super mass gainer or growth factor mass.

The product contains a combination of the following ingredients: proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other performance-enhancing agents. Weight gainers have been developed so that you get sufficient and healthy nutrition when you do bodybuilding or strength training. This way you still get enough nutrition despite the fact that you may have a different lifestyle. Some people are also quite quickly full from a lot of food, for which the weight gainer is also a good solution since you can add your nutrients a lot easier this way.


Weight gainers often consist of 80% carbohydrate-rich ingredients and 20% high protein ingredients. On our website and on the jar itself it is shown exactly how many calories our weight gainers contain. Some varieties have more than 1.000 calories, others contain several hundred calories. This of course also depends on the dosage. The most commonly used liquids to mix a weight gainer with are milk and water. As mentioned before, weight gainers are also very high in protein, so there is no need to take extra protein powders.


The weight gainer has a very large effect on the creation of muscle mass. As mentioned before, it is quite difficult for some people who exercise to get enough nutrition. The weight gainer ensures that this does happen. It also ensures faster muscle recovery. Your muscles immediately receive the building materials that are needed. They are also considerably cheaper compared to what normal food with the same nutritional values ​​would cost.


In addition to all the advantages, there can also be some disadvantages when using weight gainers.

Allergic reactions

For example, it is possible that you have allergic reactions if you are lactose intolerant. You can suffer from stomach and intestines and this is not good for your health.

gain fat

The goal of weight gainers is, of course, to gain weight, but with insufficient training, weight gainers will convert into know† This will make you gain weight quickly.

Deterioration of sleep rhythm

A large amount of weight gainer products contain caffeine. If you are sensitive to this, it is smart to choose a variant without caffeine.

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