What is whey protein?

No doubt you've heard it in the gym, or in the supermarket in the
shelves: whey protein powder. This is incredibly popular
sports supplement for strength athletes in particular, and not without reason. whey
powder, or whey powder in Dutch, is a source of protein, which athletes need
for muscle recovery and building. But what exactly is whey protein, and is it there
much difference between certain types of protein powder?

What is whey and how is it made?

Whey protein powder is the English name for protein-rich whey powder. Many athletes
use this powder as a basis for their own protein shake that is part of their
gym diet. Whey protein has a protein percentage of about 80%
the remaining 20% ​​consists of fats, fibers and carbohydrates, including lactose. It comes to
as a by-product of cheese production. This by-product is a complete source of protein
powder form, which makes it ideal for dissolving in liquid such as water or milk. Inside
the category of protein powders can still be distinguished into three different types
whey. More about this further in the blog.

Why take whey protein?

Using protein powder is not necessarily recommended for everyone. The average
person can, in principle, get enough protein from the food of a healthy person
and varied diet. Especially people who eat animal products and therefore also animal proteins
food, don't have to worry about a shortage of complete proteins. For their will
a protein supplement do little. For fanatical athletes, especially strength athletes who
heavy lifting, a supplement in the form of proteins is a good outcome. By them
sporty lifestyle in which they exert their muscles several days a week, is their
protein requirement a lot higher than the average person. To be in this elevated
protein needs, whey powder offers a solution. In addition, people with
a vegetarian lifestyle benefit from the use of whey protein, as they
are likely to consume more plant protein, which is not a complete source of protein.

What types of whey protein are there?

The whey protein powders can be further divided into three different forms:
concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzate. The main difference between these forms of
protein powders, is the concentration of protein it contains. Of the three, whey has concentrate
the lowest protein content, usually up to 80%.
With further purification of this concentrate, a purer form of whey is created,
namely isolate. This powder is more concentrated than concentrate because it contains more than
Contains 85% protein. An additional effect of the purification is that isolate less carbohydrates,
contains fats and fibers, something that is extra beneficial for athletes who are cutting and
want to take in fewer calories. Finally, there is whey hydrolyzate, the purest form of whey protein. With help
of enzymes additionally processes this form, so that it can be directly absorbed by
the intestines. Whey hydrolyzate is ideally suited for people with a lactose

Which type of whey is best?

The question of which type of whey protein is best for you depends on your personal preference
situation. In principle, as a fanatic strength athlete you get more than enough protein
whey concentrate. Isolate may contain a higher protein content, but is
also slightly more expensive. It is also less soluble in drinking, which makes it less soluble
it sacrifices ease of use. Isolate is therefore especially interesting for people who
want to keep calorie intake as low as possible, for example when cutting or
be dry training. Hydrolyzate is the purest form, but also the most expensive. This sort
is actually especially recommended for people who are lactose intolerant, because it
price difference with isolate and concentrate is so large. You can do better with that money
invest in good sportswear, or take some lessons with a personal trainer.

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