CBD Softgel Capsules 20% (1920mg)


Added to the range of CBD and Sport the CBD softgels 20% from Cibdol. If you are looking for a simple, discreet and effective way to consume your CBD dose, these capsules are the right place for you. Thanks to the mix of golden CBD and olive oil in an easy capsule, these are easy to swallow. Each jar contains 60 capsules of full-spectrum CBD.



The easiest way to experience CBD.

Thanks to the CBD Softgel Capsules 20%, you can easily take CBD every day. The highly concentrated 20% formula is easy to consume at any time of the day. This product is ideal for people who are already familiar with CBD. With capsules containing a full-spectrum blend of cannabinoids and essential terpenes, an all-natural approach to wellness couldn't be easier.

Cibdol's products contain CBD from organically grown hemp, which are carefully purified. This results in gold colored CBD oils that are extremely effective. Don't like the taste of CBD oil? Then try CBD capsules from Cibdol for a taste- and odor-neutral way to use CBD, whatever your needs.

How to use the natural CBD Softgel Capsules 20%

The recommended amount is one CBD capsule, up to three times a day, with or shortly after food.

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A healthier life with Cibdol

A healthy, balanced life is a good life — and we understand that all too well at Cibdol. We believe that the power of CBD can improve everyone's life, supporting you in achieving all your health goals. With our user-friendly and promising range, we strive together with you for the balance you deserve. No matter how old you are and whatever you do, we're here to support you. When it comes to CBD and your health, only the best is good enough. Cibdol understands that all too well. That's why our pure products contain only the very best ingredients and are made with state-of-the-art equipment. Moreover, we stand for complete transparency.

Cibdol Lab

The Cibdol Lab has been at the forefront of developing and producing the purest CBD for years. Using advanced techniques and the best minds in the industry, we know how to create, purify and refine first-class CBD extracts time and time again. With exceptional, easy-to-use products and clear, transparent labeling, we ensure that anyone who wants to can use CBD. Whether you are an active athlete, mother or doctor, we believe that CBD can help you move more freely, maintain your focus and enjoy life to the fullest.

What can I do with it, other than taking this oil?

Cibdol is a company that works with CBD. CBD is a compound that occurs in the well-being effect, such as, for example, allergens and certain medications. You can only buy the oil, but you can also make tablets or make other products with it or, as we do, add the CBD to our sports supplements.

Why are cbd oils so popular?

CBD oils are popular among people taking medication or certain medications (such as antidepressants). They belong to the group of non-psychoactive drugs, which means that they do not contain substances that stimulate. This chemical composition makes CBDs almost harmless to humans and can recognize the body well.
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