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Creatine Micronized 


Creatine helps you improve performance, provides more strength and stimulates muscle growth during explosive power efforts. The creatine is completely tasteless and dissolves very well in drinks.

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Use and dosage of the Creatine Micronized

The Creatine Micronized powder from Optimum is micronized and therefore easy to mix. Mix one teaspoon with 240 ml of drink. Preferably take during a meal or immediately after training with a post workout protein shake. Take one dose per day. The jar weighs 634 grams. You can get 185 doses from this.

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New look, same Optimum Nutrition quality

The world's best-selling whey protein powder has a new look. Since the transition is a process, you may receive one of these designs depending on where or when you purchase. Please note that both GOLD STANDARD 100% WHEY label designs are authentic and carry the additional quality markings. Optimum Nutrition sports nutrition is best known for its Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey proteins and the Optimum Nutrition Gold standard pre-workout with delicious watermelon flavor. Optimum Nutrition nutritional supplements are made of high quality and have brought innovation to the sports nutrition market. For example, Optimum Nutrition has slow digesting proteins: Optimum Nutrition Standard 100% Casein. Optimum Nutrition also has plenty to offer for more energy, such as the Essential Amino Energy.
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