Perfect Cooking Spray


Anyone who wants to watch their calories knows it, after greasing the pan with olive oil or butter you can already add a considerable number of calories to the meal.



Of course you do want to grease your pan to prevent sticking. This is now possible with the Perfect Cooking Spray from XXL Nutrition! This unique cooking spray is very easy to use and provides you with only 2 kcal per dose. 1 bus contains no less than 740 doses so that you can enjoy delicious fried meat, fish, eggs or pancakes carefree for a long period of time.

Ultimate ease of use

To use the Perfect Cooking Spray you just need to spray it on a cold frying pan, let it get warm and you can bake your favorite products in it. Just like with oil or butter, you can fry your favorite products until golden brown and to taste.

Now you can enjoy all the cooking benefits without worrying about empty calories.

Use and dosage of the Perfect Cooking Spray

Spray the Cooking Spray with a distance of 30cm on the baking surface of a cold pan. Shake well before use.

• 0% calories in cooking
• Non stick
• Same result as butter or oil
• 100% convenience

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