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Smart Wraps


The Smart Wraps fit perfectly at any time of the day. Why? Smart Wraps are super tasty, both cold and warm, and they are quick and easy to take with you. The Smart Wraps are always and everywhere a success for those who want to watch their calories.

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Smart Wraps are delicious with chicken, vegetables and guacamole for dinner, but also perfect for lunch with tuna, lettuce and cucumber. They can certainly also be used as a snack or as a snack with a drink with, for example, smoked salmon.

Well the wraps but a reduced carbohydrate content! Ideal for everyone. People with a low carb protein diet, avid athletes or if you just consciously think about your diet.

Smart Wraps contain an average of 45% less carbohydrates compared to commonly available tortilla wraps.

• 45% less carbohydrates*
• 14 grams of protein per wrap
• Breakfast, lunch, in between, snack or dinner
• Delicious both cold and hot
• Source of dietary fiber
• Plant based
• Packed per 6 wraps

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