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Omega 3 Ultra-Pure – 100 Softgels


The Omega 3 Ultra Pure is now available in an even purer form. The well-known essential omega 3 fatty acids have many benefits for the optimal functioning of the body. It is good for the heart, among other things, so it is very important that it is included in the daily diet. Athletes have a higher omega 3 need, to easily supplement this, the capsules of Omega 3 Ultra Pure are a godsend.



The effect of the Omega 3 Ultra-Pure

The main active substances in omega 3 are DHA and EPA, these ensure the maintenance of normal blood pressure and DHA is good for the brain. With a high content of EPA and DHA, you get a high dose of essential fatty acids via Omega 3 Ultra-Pure. A natural vitamin E has been added to prevent the oxidation of omega 3 fatty acids.
Thanks to the Omega 3 Ultra Pure, you can be sure that you are getting 100% pure omega 3 fatty acids. Cheap omega 3 supplements often contain a lot of metal particles, which can be harmful to the human body. To ensure that we only offer 100% pure omega 3, every batch is tested under European control.

Use and dosage

Take two capsules once or twice a day with a drink of your choice, preferably with a meal.


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Additional information


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